2017-12-17 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

11 years old:
25117 mysql hangs if during creating logfile group or tablespace one ndbd was stopped

10 years old:
33286 debug build of libmysql exposes wrong my_malloc/my_free functions
33287 Can't retrieve Partition Comment, if the Table has Subpartitioning
33299 Trying to insert east-asian (or non latin) data into a recordset fails

9 years old:
41540 ndb.ndb_cache2 fails sporadically on pushbuild with result mismatch

8 years old:
49768 Automatic repair of CSV log files is not announced in the error log
49776 MEM Stack Overflow error due to a regexp bug in JDK
49778 Mix of forward (/) and backward (\) slashes in show variables paths

7 years old:
59004 partition with floor(big_decimal_column) fails

5 years old:
67924 Row lock isn't released after evaluating WHERE condition in READ COMMITTED

4 years old:
71164 an autocommit SELECT was not treated as autocommit non-lock trx

3 years old:
75241 Export limit set as in select query results limit row
75243 Locking rows from the source table for INSERT.. SELECT seems unnecessary in RBR

2 years old:
79684 "drop database if exists" says "1 warning", but "show warnings" returns nothing
79686 my_bulk.exe (x64) crashed on Windows
79687 fatal error LNK1118: syntax error in 'VERSION' statement

1 years old:
84244 Distinguish roles and plain users in mysql.user
84245 LOAD XML duplicates prior element's values when encountering empty element