2016-08-26 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

8 years old:
39045 not matching errors for DATA DIRECTORY between myisam and partitioned myisam
39049 Wrong warning when comparing some decimal values to NULL

7 years old:
46929 /etc/init.d/mysql-monitor-agent does not detect failures
46945 enable filesort index rebuild for SPATIAL index

6 years old:
56280 Mac installer's postflight script does not work all the time
56298 ndb_restore doesn't display correct StopGCP info.

2 years old:
73720 `SHOW SLAVE STATUS` != slave_relay_log_info when replicating DDL

1 years old:
78215 why mysql-utilities sepeate filed to normal and blob,and mysqldbcopy very slow
78218 The database engine restarts due to internal failure. Got error: 2013: Lost con.
78219 compression can be defined on a compressed table if innodb_strict_mode is OFF
78221 Duplicated entries on planet.mysql.com