2016-12-04 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

8 years old:
41217 SELECT from MERGE table which unions many tables gives wrong error
41220 LEFT JOIN with compound clause uses table scan, while INNER JOIN uses indexes
41233 Using few large TS data files can cause tmp deadlock error under load
41235 Using * and a function in a SELECT can cause a SQL syntax error (ERROR 1064)

7 years old:
49456 replication out of sync
49458 Restart types listed by ndb_config are not consistent with the documentation
49466 SQLMoreResults does not set statement errors correctly

4 years old:
67800 INSERT...SELECT WHERE clause "Incorrect integer value" with multi-col unique key

3 years old:
71067 GQL does not log COM_RESET_CONNECTION
71074 When creating a bug report "affects me" is not set
71075 MySQL Installer does not pass non-default port etc to mysql_upgrade and it fails
71077 Memcached replication fail
71081 Need status variable for COM_RESET_CONNECTION

2 years old:
75102 MySql Workbench crashes when synchronizing model via ssh that has not been used
75109 Workbench Freezes while running longer queries

1 years old:
79518 Get inconsistent string when converting year column to char
79519 Maximum display width for select list is different for 'utf8' and 'utf8mb4'
79527 Errorcode 175: abort in group by on big tables
79530 Power() Function unexpected results when multiplied by decimal