2018-09-21 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

11 years old:
31134 ENUM columns are returned by C API as MYSQL_TYPE_STRING

9 years old:
47465 HELP SHOW lists outdated option
47483 SELECT UNION wrong length after prepare
47489 Sample configuration file erroneous comment

8 years old:
56902 Reproducible/systematic core by myisampack (latest 5.1.50 version)

6 years old:
66904 Model designer : Model Overview : Focus flicker when returning from "Edit Routin
66908 Perfomrance Metrics aren't logged at regular intervals

4 years old:
73999 SET TIMESTAMP on non-slave can be made to show erronous Time in SHOW PROCESSLIST

3 years old:
78495 Table 'mysql.gtid_executed' cannot be opened.
78496 Too many active concurrent trx+crash on ALTER w/ innodb_trx_rseg_n_slots_debug=1
78497 Large select with nested subqueries return 0 rows
78500 dict_sys->mutex lock

2 years old:
83071 MySQL prefers first declared index over more useful other indexes
83082 Update failing with composite primary key