2015-05-27 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

7 years old:
36994 Mysqld on vista cannot detect disconnection a network immediately.

6 years old:
45113 mysql_config returns incorrect path if built with prefix != execprefix
45126 Incomplete cardinality for MERGE tables with multiple-column indexes
45130 Incorrect results with multiple MATCH() against a table with no fulltext indexes

5 years old:
54024 mysqlslap fails sporadically starting from Dahlia
54026 Unwanted columns added by workbench

4 years old:
61328 SET profiling = 1 does not profile queries with stored functions

3 years old:
65431 Error 1430 while selecting from a federated table with index on a bit column

2 years old:
69326 windows: cant alter partitioned innodb table - posix 2048 file handles limit hit
69328 Encoding problem : 1 database utf8 with 1 table utf8 and 1 table latin1

1 years old:
72755 InnoDB mutex spin loop is missing GCC barrier
72761 MySQL 5.6 FROM_UNIXTIME function returns different result than 5.5
72764 http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/fabric/ does not mention requirements