2016-07-30 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

8 years old:
38451 unreachable code in udf_handler::fix_fields
38453 File name (of incude test file) too long for HP-UX tar
38457 NOW() loses time information when writing to TIMESTAMP field

7 years old:
46465 When IF is used with ROLLUP incorrect data is returned
46475 Different optimizations chosen for exactly equivalent queries

6 years old:
55645 LIKE search is slow using varbinary indexes on cluster

4 years old:
66079 unnecessary calling trx_sys_update_mysql_binlog_offset when sql_log_bin=0
66095 Multiple Blob for ODBC Driver 5.1

3 years old:
69867 Many to many relationships are broken
69875 mysqldump --master-data and --dump-slave are mutually exclusive

2 years old:
73435 innodb_api_enable_binlog is not recognized when used on the mysqld command line
73436 format() with locale it_IT return wrong format

1 years old:
77883 Only able to get ZERO from warning_count.
77889 Test "perfschema.global_read_lock" fails on armv7hl aritecture