2018-06-24 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

12 years old:
20677 Race condition between table discovery and insert

10 years old:
37613 user_var_entry allocations do not use the user_var_entry constructor

9 years old:
45709 ndb.ndb_basic.test has workaround for Bug#16445
45711 Provide tests for the maintenance operations (ANALYZE, OPTIMIZE, REPAIR)
45720 A test case is disabled in ndb.ndb_index.test
45721 Test case for Bug#7798 is disabled due to WL#4284 in ndb.ndb_index_ordered.test
45722 Fix ndb_binlog.ndb_binlog_basic.test (there are disabled lines)
45725 Test case disabled in ndb_team.ndb_autodiscover.test
45726 Test case disabled in sys_vars.foreign_key_checks_func.test
45727 Parts of index_merge_innodb.test are disabled due to EXPLAIN diffs
45732 Test case for Bug#12704 is disabled in trigger.test

8 years old:
54766 Impossible to use view after creation
54771 getpwnam used in a threaded code
54785 Cluster fails on large ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE Windows

6 years old:
65721 Error connecting with complex username using ODBC 3.51.30

5 years old:
69557 Inconsistencies in Statement proxies created by LoadBalancingConnectionProxy

4 years old:
73091 A character set error may interrupt replication
73094 MySQL uses all partitions instead necessary ones when using CASE THEN ELSE END

3 years old:
77467 drop foreign key lead to inconsistent table structure on master and slave
77475 documentation - replication problems - skip-networking is allowed on slaves

2 years old:
81993 Unnatural "null" in description of ALTER operation
81995 col(const) IN (-1.49) returns true in WHERE condition with index on col