2017-05-23 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

12 years old:
10806 Garbage (?) value for "Max_data_length"

11 years old:
20026 FEDERATED lacks support for auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset

9 years old:
36911 --disable-debug --debug is like --disable-debug
36922 Synchronization between master and slave (replication) fails
36931 Data integrity verification of Backup file not possible

6 years old:
61267 Index Prefix Length Completely Ignored

4 years old:
69310 Valid SQL statement rejected in ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY
69311 mysqldump with ignore-table does not consider case senstive table names

3 years old:
72728 C/NET slow querying procedures

1 years old:
81532 virtual enum_field_types Item::field_type() const: Assertion `0' failed.
81533 Get different results when comparing YEAR(4) with 2-digit const and 2-digit col
81536 Cannot enter key length
81545 Data Migration: Changed sybase `getTriggerNames` to singlequoted search on 'TR'
81546 Workbench Migration weird error when trying to connect using an ODBC FreeTDS
81547 innodb pagesize tests fix (innodb_zip.16k and innodb.innodb_buffer_pool_resize)
81548 Fix 2 errors: write to closed socket and unblock opportunity for blocked clients
81554 Data Migration Wizard: using [] quoted objects with Sybase fails on max 28 bytes