2016-06-26 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

9 years old:
29349 dropping MEMORY table very slow
29370 need tool to enforce mysqld error number compatibility

8 years old:
37648 Changing storage engine to ARCHIVE in 5.1 loses data if disk fills up

7 years old:
45776 "OR" condition on SPATIAL index not optimized
45780 CONCAT(CASE(numeric)) returns wrong length
45789 Upgrade from 6.3.x directly to 7.0.y ndbmtd does not warn

6 years old:
54825 Hide Captions should be Show Captions
54828 Optimise table with missing directory permissions results in crashed table

5 years old:
61645 external locking corrupted temporary table after alter

4 years old:
65732 Session variable late value acessment

3 years old:
69585 low-priority-updates not working on replication slave
69588 MyISAM to InnoDB compressed slower than MyISAM to InnoDB, Then InnoDB to Compres
69590 Problem using between with group by functions

2 years old:
73125 setting slave_parallel_workers=0 should not be allowed 'if there are still gaps'
73126 Numerous Valgrind errors in OpenSSL

1 years old:
77509 Using an alias to perform DELETE statement in information_schema