2016-09-28 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

10 years old:
22774 Incorrectly reported data truncation with server prepared statements

7 years old:
47665 when write a binary file(e.g a picture) into blob, exception will occurs
47666 ndb_basic test fails due to incorrect result file
47673 rbr replication fails with mismatching collations or charsets
47688 query memory is leaked after mysql client quits
47693 VIEW with GROUP BY and WITH ROLLUP causes "Column can not be null" error.

6 years old:
57049 mysqldump unhappy with /var/lib/mysql directories with leading dot

5 years old:
62559 mysqld_multi doesn't check pid-file
62560 Node recovery (--initial) fails - DBTUP crash
62568 Partition options not supported by storage engine are silently ignored

4 years old:
67001 Right-click options on tables not available when schemas are filtered

3 years old:
70460 Mysql Cluster and constraints

2 years old:
74126 ndb_setup executable is missing

1 years old:
78608 index_read_idx is no longer present, replace doc with index_read_idx_map
78612 Optimizer chooses wrong index for ORDER BY