2015-11-28 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

7 years old:
41101 set storage_engine and set create_table are not written to the binlog
41109 Query takes >5 hrs and locks db, when optimised manually takes <1s

4 years old:
63452 Show currently used my.ini/mycnf directory location

3 years old:
67739 GBK charset is not Fully supported in mysql
67741 mysqlhotcopy failes with --record_log_pos
67745 Too much row locks when using SELECT for UPDATE, LIMIT and ORDER BY

2 years old:
71035 mysqlbinlog dumps out improperly-formatted TIMESTAMP values

1 years old:
75032 Don't write binlog position in trx_sys page if binlog_order_commits is disabled
75039 Index columns length keeps resetting to "0"