2018-12-12 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

11 years old:
33160 Didn't check data type of conflict_fn column when creating mysql.ndb_replication
33169 mysqld --help : lowercase_table-name bad advice

10 years old:
41417 MySQL Proxy hangs if Server is stopped
41426 I_S optimization algorithm can not extract lookup values in some cases.
41429 REPLACE command could not be formatted
41440 Out of memory error "It is possible that mysqld could use" incorrect size

9 years old:
49639 NULL union all with unsigned column should return unsigned type

8 years old:
58888 mysql-proxy hardcodes /usr/lib for plugin location on 64bit platform

6 years old:
67880 mysql 5.6.9 on windows does not start if my.ini file is in utf8 format

4 years old:
75189 engines suite tests depending on InnoDB implementation details
75198 Remove mirror from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mirrors.html

3 years old:
79617 Foreign key causing deadlock for UPDATE together with simple transaction

2 years old:
84163 NPE inside statement interceptor with rewriteBatchedStatements=true

1 years old:
88878 mysqldump poorly outputs gtid purged