2017-02-25 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

12 years old:
08814 ALTER error: BLOB/TEXT column 't' used in key specification without a key

9 years old:
34805 Disabled events dropped during server start not correctly replicated

8 years old:
43184 LOAD DATA fails wiht unicode file paths
43197 mysqldump: table is open on delete - Windows debug build

7 years old:
51521 MERGE Algorithm in LEFT JOIN retuns 0000-00-00 instead of NULL

4 years old:
68481 InnoDB LRU flushing for MySQL 5.6 needs work

3 years old:
71825 All ndb nodes crash! Forced node shutdown completed. Occured during startphase 5
71832 Connector/NET batch insert not working (UpdateBatchSize)

2 years old:
76040 Assertion `!flags.finalized' failed in sql/binlog.cc:1172
76042 mysqld_multi.server was not included in Package mysql-community-server.rpm
76049 Filtered replication events do not reset the System lock thread state
76054 Enterprise Workbench and Backup Failure

1 years old:
80503 optimize MyISAM leads to corrupted index