2017-10-18 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

7 years old:
57514 rpl_delayed_slave fails sporadically in pb
57534 mysqladmin,mysqldump,mysqlcheck and mysqlshow not having the --plugin-dir param
57542 Mac 10.6 MySQL ODBC driver is showing Key Value screen

5 years old:
67282 uint type error when add a new query in typed dataset
67290 mysqldump 5.5.27 throws error 1049 while dumping routines for db with spl chrs

4 years old:
70659 Make crash safe slave work with gtid + less durable settings
70661 Cannot Install mysql-connector-odbc-5.2.6-win32.msi

1 years old:
83418 When binlog_row_image is MINIMAL, some updates queries logs redundant columns
83420 mysql_config_editor should validate parameters
83421 compile error: error: nonnull argument 'table' compared to NULL [-Werror=nonnull
83431 RBR slave's "BEGIN" binlog query event doesn't carry a session database name
83432 slave failes to start after inport of a logical dump from master