2017-03-28 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

9 years old:
35631 mgmapi reports abort on a unique index mix
35632 server can deadlock with three parallel xa transactions
35633 Column cant be NULL error on SELECT...FROM (SELECT not_null_column, agg_func...)
35640 Can not Identify row identity
35661 legacy and incorrect memory formula and message written to error log after crash

7 years old:
52421 DECIMAL type given with decimals doesn't return an error.

6 years old:
60669 optimize a big ndb table take so much time ,tree days is not finished

5 years old:
64791 Mixed String/Int values in IN list cause full table scan
64794 slave-skip-errors does not work when using ROW based replication REDUX

4 years old:
68805 client crashes after "charset utf16"

2 years old:
76514 Table and index comments destroy the exported SQL code.
76516 time interval arithmetic leads to exception on summer time change
76521 SQL scripts attached to a model not shown and not included in forward engineer

1 years old:
80870 Optimize TC_LOG_MMAP