2018-03-19 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

10 years old:
35434 Many variables stated as static are give an error Unknown System Variable
35437 potential crash with ALTER SERVER statement when out of memory

9 years old:
43741 Mysql server core dump when running tests 'execution_constants'
43756 Proxy cache does not reload lua script when file is touched

8 years old:
52224 replication of CREATE TEMPOARARY TABLE should be optional
52226 Relay logs rotate inappropriately

5 years old:
68717 Seg Fault when trying to get a DB stored value with caching policy

3 years old:
76384 Spatial index not used when checking return values explicitly
76387 Result grid lost edit result if not press ENTER or TAB when focus lost
76390 wrong privileges in SHOW FULL COLUMNS
76393 Update query stores one value before evaluation equation for second
76398 MySQL doing full scan depending on limit value with ORDER BY query
76399 Schema Transfert Wizard can't finish operation after copying data

2 years old:
80795 mysqladmin hangs when executed during server startup