2016-05-01 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

7 years old:
44593 MyISAM tables showing odd "rows" value with EXPLAIN of a JOIN query

6 years old:
53341 No way to find out the current transaction's isolation level

4 years old:
65161 Generating MySQL DDL from an Entity Framework Model
65165 current ver == cluster gpl 7.2.5 win x64 msi fails to start MySQL service causin

3 years old:
69110 MTR does not allow valgrind to be run with custom tool

2 years old:
72497 LOAD DATA INFILE with MERGE tables containing compressed MyISAM tables
72500 LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE doesn't seem to create file in /tmp as the manual claims?
72501 joining NULLs + different collation is not efficient
72503 assert hit in sec_since_epoch when running RQG temporal
72506 SQLNumResultCols causes unexpected execution of statement in stored procedure
72509 mysql_ping spins when mysqld is stopped via SIGSTOP

1 years old:
76909 Workbench 6.3 Crashes Frequently on Windows 7 PC