2016-10-21 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

11 years old:
14220 Optimizer does not use index when using numeric lookup on varchar field (MyISAM)

9 years old:
31732 row count(*) overflows after 32-bit integer precision in spite of being bigint
31735 Proxy with R/W splitting fails on a pool of writes

8 years old:
40206 Timeout in "embedded" tests
40216 optimize table resets auto_increment value on archive tables
40217 UNION [ALL] query results present faulty internal datetime

7 years old:
48195 MySQL ODBC 5.1 driver bug with VBA, RegisterDatabase, Silent=True

6 years old:
57625 Documentation search dasn't work
57634 --plugin-dir/--default-auth options out of order in --help message

5 years old:
62861 Wrong data type for user-variables in MySQL 5.1

4 years old:
67311 Can't submit bugs with Firefox 16.0.1

2 years old:
74480 Failing assertion: os_file_status(newpath, &exists, &type), os0file.cc line 1950
74482 A # character cannot be represented in MySQL .ini files

1 years old:
78894 buf_pool_resize can lock less in checking whether AHI is on or off
78895 Lack information about generated columns in mysql_fetch_fields function
78896 Inconsistent error on using view with missing definer
78898 mysqlbackup does not store binlog pos in log file
78902 character encoding detection broken?