2015-04-19 MySQL Bug Anniversaries

9 years old:
19195 Optimizer does not use proper index for join

8 years old:
27960 schema operations are not being recorded in ndb_apply_status

5 years old:
52940 ndb_*_count status variables ARE session related in contrary what docu says.

3 years old:
65032 Misleading error shown while trying to ALTER TABLE
65035 FLUSH TABLES is missing on mysqldump with --dump-slave
65037 ndbd can't start while old transactions are kept open

2 years old:
69004 called mysql_real_query is crash
69009 ndbrequire(lcpId == SYSFILE->latestLCP_ID) hit in DBDIH (Line: 14180)
69018 deprecate echo client